We are compassorange: An agency for contemporary personal and organisational development.

Our Passion is to unfold potential. Learning Journeys are our development programs for modern, sustainable design of professional work environments. We support you with our professional advice and coaching. Compassorange emphasizes on social responsibility, appreciation and creativity.  We design customized, made to measure development processes, create processes of dialogue and facilitate your events. With our initiatives, we provide impetus for Social Learning and Engagement. Our lectures focus on questions we ache to solve.

Our team is closely cooperating within a network of experts – our «swarm».

We are inspired by the self-organization of swarms in nature: their collective intelligence and dyna­mism. Our network works with the same professional obligations.

  • claudia
    Dr. Claudia Neusüß
  • bastian
    Bastian Bretthauer
  • regine
    Dr. Regine Schönenberg


compassfarbeWe develop custom-made multi-stakeholder dialogues for you.
You want to introduce a new topic to your business, department or project? You are planning a symposium? You dislike preconceived opinions? You are aware of the fact that there are always multiple versions of the same story?
We offer you a custom-made multi-stakeholder dialogue including a complete compilation of the most important publications, films, blogs and so on, for every possible theme.

Further information on our offer 'Learning Dialogue' can be found here.