Our expertise

You are in a process of change.
We accompany you.

Organisations and society are undergoing change: Change is our key business. Our services are designed to unfold your potential. Diversity is a cross-sectional task in all our formats.

We assist companies and organisations, teams, specialists and leaders/ managers by accompanying processes and with consulting, facilitation and coaching.

We design tailor-made and sustainable development processes for you, shape dialogues and facilitate events – analogue, digital and hybrid.

Our clients (inter-)national

You want to change and develop your potential.

Companies and organisations

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, corporations, family businesses and cooperatives
  • Colleges, universities and research institutions
  • UN and EU organisations, ministries (state/federal), municipalities and health care organisations
  • Development cooperation organisations, foundations, NGOs, (welfare) associations and societies
  • Parties, trade unions and churches


  • Executives
  • Supervisory Board members and Management Board members
  • Technical staff, project managers and future leaders
  • Freelancers, business people and entrepreneurs
  • Politicians
  • Scientists/Professors

Our services

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Coaching & Mediation

We support individuals and teams.
We promote your potentials.
We accompany (career) transitions and conflict situations.


We link human resources, organisational and cultural development.
We consult your change projects with professional expertise. With a strong focus on processes, results and implementation.

Qualification & Development

We prepare you to become a change agent, strengthen your key competences and communication skills. We are your experts for change processes, resilience, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, cultural sensitivity, intra- and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a sustainable leadership culture.


We design your dialogue processes - within small and large groups, and multi-stakeholder formats.
We facilitate discussions and events. Our formats are interactive and creative.


We provide impulses.
Enable thinking out of the box.
Encourage to stay on track and move forward.
Advance your topics with knowledge, passion and humour.
Let us inspire you to explore new topics.

We keep you up-to-date

News from ompassorange

Diversity Charter

compassorange promotes diversity and inclusion in companies and organisations.
We have signed the „Diversity Charter” and nurture an organisational culture that is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation and addresses the needs in different life situations. We support the cause of creating a climate of acceptance, shared trust and a rich diversity of perspectives.

That is why the implementation of the charter is a topic for internal and external dialogue. Consultants from compass orange set impulses in the entire range of our services.