We work in an interdisciplinary, systemic
and diversity-sensitive way

Change is our core business

We acompany your change processes with consulting, facilitation and coaching. We work tailor-made , shape dialogues and facilitate events.

With our initiatives, we set impulses for social and organisational learning and commitment. Our talks address questions that we are passionate about.

Our services are
tailored to your challenges

We work process-oriented, closely to the specific needs of our customer system.  Methodologically, our way of working is characterized by systemic and group dynamic theories and models combined with agile and co-creative approaches (presencing, design thinking, dragon dreaming, life design…) and body and energy work (embodiment). 

Many of our events are based on dialogue and  classic large group formats:  Open Space, Future Workshop, World or Knowledge Café, Barcamps, Whole Scale, Appreciative Inquiry, Wisdom Circles, Storytelling, Dynamic Facilitation etc.

Take a learning journey with compassorange!​

In 2007 the prototype of our Learning Journey format was created – developed by Carolin Gebel, Dr. Claudia Neusuess, Dr. Wolfgang Looss and Prof. Dr Wolfgang Stark. The format was awarded the Best Practice prize by the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and the Stifterverband for the promotion of sciences in Germany.

Learning Journeys are our development programs for the sustainable design of innovative working environments . With social responsibility, appreciation and creativity.

We combine personnel, organisational and cultural development.
We pay attention to processes, results and implementation.


  • we work with individuals and teams
  • we develop your potential
  • we accompany (career) transitions (e.g. applications, assessments, appointment procedures), professional development and change processes from a holistic perspective (work-life, self-care & rebellion)
  • we accompany you in job shadowing – on-the-job training
  • we provide conflict consultation & mediation


  • we analyse your development needs as an organisation or team
  • support you in your strategy development
  • accompany your processes and promote cultural change
  • strengthen your implementation and new routines
  • keep sustainability, diversity and agility in mind
  • support you in contemporary and value-oriented personnel development
  • accompany your mentoring processes (piloting, introduction and qualification of mentors)
  • design tailor-made development processes with you, e.g. as a learning journey with a specific topic


  • we qualify you and/or your employees as agents of change for the changes you want to bring to the world
  • develop core competencies (leadership, team and conflict competence, skills for digital work, innovation and implementation) and strenghthen your  communication skills (framing, self-marketing, digital communication)
  • we are experts for change processes, resilience,  equality and diversity,  Cultural sensitivity, intra- and entrepreneurial spirit, mentoring and a sustainable leadership and management culture
  • we qualify moderators precisely for their assignments


  • we facilitate your dialogue processes (conferences, team workshops and retreats)
  • we design & guide your (large group) events (multi-stakeholder dialogues, future workshops, whole scale, open space, barcamps, world café, dragon dreaming, etc.)
  • we moderate panel discussions and expert dialogues
  • facilitate board retreats, supervisory board meetings and general assemblies (including associations, foundations, federations, cooperatives)


  • we drive dialogue, innovation and change processes with our talks:

Processes and systems are often characterised by complexity and ambiguity. They often cannot be planned foreseeably or controlled in the conventional sense. Rather, it is important to design them in an agile way. This also includes finding the right degree of agility and participation.

In this talk, participants learn  methods and tools for their presence on digital platforms.   Along the central questions of the “Golden Cicle”, the why, the how and the what, the interactive lecture explains possible objectives and values for personal presence in social media. Channels and methods are discussed and reflected. The starting point is the digital identity of the participantsand how to consciously design it for their digital presence. 

It takes more  Women, more diversity at all management levels, which take effect in existing status and power hierarchies and come “up”.  It needs more agents of change – of all genders – who change outdated cultures and structures.  The interactive lecture gives an insight into working with force fields, different capitals and power bases.

Your company or organisation has declared or is considering diversity as a guiding principle. Diversity is to be actively promoted in your work area. How can such processes be steered appropriately? Which competences, which structures and which cultural preconditions are required for this? What are the stepping stones and how can you overcome them? How can you personally as an actor of change actively contribute? 

As process consultants, we strengthen diversity as a key competency, encourage greater sensitivity to diversity and develop the ability to act. A first step is to deal with (unconscious) perception patterns and prejudices (unconscious bias). 

This talk offers an introduction to the topic.

What makes it difficult for us to say no at the right moment? What internal and external barriers do we face in our professional and private life? Which steps lead to a “positive no!” that others can also accept? The lecture deals with topics such as personal responsibility, communication and setting boundaries, resilience and sustainability.

How do people react to stress, pressure, tension and uncertainty? In this talk you will learn about the concept of resilience. You will receive tips on how you can strengthen important resilience factors such as self-leadership, acceptance and solution orientation. Combined with attention for the need of structural and cultural changes. Resilience can be learned. Get started now!

Tandem lecture

This intergenerational talk gives insight into possibilities and framework conditions of “reverse leadership”.

What are the specifics of digital leadership? How can leadership be well supported digitally? What roles do managers, employees and teams play?