Sabine Lipski

Since 2010 I have been accompanying people, organizations and companies in change processes as a nature coach, trainer, lecturer and moderator. I am convinced that skills such as conflict and self-management help teams to get along significantly. I use the energy of nature because it inspires, reflects and moves forward. And: the best ideas come while walking. Many of my skills and preferences paved the way from engineer to nature coach:

  • I am a landscape planner: Nature & I have always been a good team.
  • As a project manager for large construction projects, I know that, in addition to professional qualifications, communication and cooperation play a decisive role in success.
  • During my time as a planner, I developed my skills as an interface between planning, administration and implementation with analytical-conceptual and factual judgment. As a coach, these experiences are helpful.
  • Building always means changing and participating: something new is being created. And this process requires technical know-how, strategic understanding, but also team building, management and consulting skills.

I am an expert in change and participation. With a nature bonus.

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