Mareike Teigeler

As a passionate philosopher, I look at decision-making processes from a philosophical perspective and help to discover new ways of making decisions.

Thinkers like Hannah Arendt or Jacques Derrida show what it means to blaze your own trail. Her way of “thinking without a railing” (Hannah Arendt), her attempt to grasp the moment of decision as a “leap into a creative act” (Jacques Derrida), offer an opportunity: where there are no railings to guide us, there is space for our own wishes.

I want to make this innovative potential of philosophy tangible. I want to open up spaces for unexpected freedom of action and awaken the joy of making decisions.

From my many years of practice as a scientist and lecturer at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, science, teaching and research are familiar fields to me. As a consultant / lecturer and coach, I offer keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, particularly in the context of compassorange-academia, on the following key topics: “Professional positioning for young scientists”, “Dare to promote – how philosophy can support” and “Move with science – career paths into practice”.

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