Nora Hofstetter

As a consultant, I support networks, NGOs, public institutions and companies in change processes. My way of working is based on my many years of experience in organizational and team development, workshop facilitation and large group moderation.

My work is theory-, practice- and action-oriented. I analyze the needs and implementation options of clients. Building on this, I design processes in which all those involved contribute their skills and jointly develop sustainable solutions. A power-sensitive approach, in which everyone in the room is heard, interactive methods, clear structures and visualizations characterize my moderation style.

My consulting work is characterized by a large number of further training courses, e.g

  • Systemic organizational consulting (artop, Humboldt University Berlin)
  • Metaplan Professional Program (Metaplan, Quickborn)
  • Theme-Centered Interaction (Ruth Cohn Institute, Berlin)
  • Diversity, intersectionality and empowerment (Phoenix eV, Anima Leadership)
  • Numerous moderation methods (Art of Hosting, Deep Democracy)

I studied Social Sciences (BA) and Sustainable Development (M.Sc.). I began my professional career as a seminar leader for small and large international groups in political education work. I then supported the internal, participatory organizational development at a research institute for sustainability. From 2018 I worked for the social movement Seebrücke for three years, in which I was in charge of building up the full-time and voluntary structures according to the principles of self-organization and flat hierarchies.

I volunteered to advocate for the rights of activists affected by repression and co-founded the non-profit association Civil Society Without Borders .

My working languages are English and German.


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