Luca Curella

As a systemic organizational consultant, I explore communication patterns, processes and structures together with my clients. I am particularly interested in the integration of different perspectives and contradictions. I value creating a working culture that welcomes diversity and participation. In change processes I connect the 4 spaces of the individual, relationships, teamwork and structural rules. Driving questions: How can self-organised teams work well together? How can an appreciative feedback culture be established? How can acceptance of responsibility, transparency, building trust and stability be designed?

When working with managers: How can good decisions be made? Which future-oriented leadership concept suits the organisation? How can motivation and satisfaction be strengthened and internal resignation avoided? How can conflicts be resolved?

In my work, I combine my skills from systemic consulting (artop, institute at Humboldt University Berlin), with agile methods and New Work approaches as a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner ( (TM)) and as a service designer (TISDD, This Is Service Design Doing) . Diversity-sensitive consulting and concepts such as Brave Space and Allyship are cross-cutting issues across all areas.