Bastian Bretthauer

My passion is to consult individuals, couples, groups and companies in change and growth processes.

Relationships, environment and systems in which we live and work have an enormous influence on the sustainability of private and professional changes. As a coach, systemic organisational consultant and ethnologist (MA), I put special emphasize on the cultural context of change projects. Health and well-being, gender, ethnicity and age are just as important as roles, structures, hierarchies and the logic of a system. My attitude as a consultant is characterized by a resource-, solution-oriented and systemic view of the complexity of change projects. Methods from working with systemic constellations, theme-centered interaction and transactional analysis particularly complement my way of working with teams and groups.

For many years, my work as a trainer and consultant has focused on developing the resilience of individuals and teams, qualifying managers on the topics of “good leadership”, “first management task”, “health-oriented leadership”, “conflict moderation” and “effective communication”. I also conduct my training and coaching sessions online.

Through several years of work experience as a systemic consultant and trainer in Cambodia I am familiar with the challenges of international development cooperation. The work on site has not only deepened my skills in intercultural project management and process organisation, but also taught me how to deal with conflicts, trauma, poverty, violence, illness and humility.

As a coach, I support people with managerial responsibility in a wide variety of professional and private contexts on a national and international level.

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