Katrin Unger

As a consultant, I support my clients in developing organisational cultures in which people can be seen with all their abilities and potential. It is important to me to enable a trusting and appreciative working atmosphere. Promoting potential, driving innovations, and a positive take on mistakes as learning opportunities as well as diversity competence are important guidelines in my work.

My field of activity as a consultant is international and based on experience in personnel and organisational development in business and public administration as well as in further education research. Awareness, commitment and analytical precision characterise my mindset as a consultant. In questions of diversity, I am also sensitized by my personal life situation as well as time spent abroad.

In the area of HR work, I am particularly involved in developing the potential and key skills of junior managers, emerging talents and specialists. My focus is on topics such as intergenerational issues, empowerment and work-life balance – or better: questions of life as a whole.

Training in systemic consulting (ISBW) as well as additional training in mediation, human resources work and further training in the context of gender, equality and interculturality have shaped my way of working. I studied educational science (MA & BA). My working languages are German and English (business fluent).