Lily Besilly

As a consultant and process facilitator, I support people in recognising their individual power systems. I see personal and professional upheaval as a great opportunity to learn and develop further.

My offers are aimed at groups/teams that want to grow in self, stress and health management or improve their communication. I accompany people who want to develop their ability to deal with uncertainty or get in better contact (again) with their surroundings. Together, we look at emotional patterns, practice accepting them and broadening the perspective in order to develop new strengthening structures.

I provide groups and teams with easy-to-understand access to exercise systems that boost resilience. If you are looking for forms of benevolent and appreciative cooperation and want to practice being more present, I offer body-oriented approaches that make it easy to try out helpful methods.

Mindfulness, compassion and benevolence as well as respect for successes characterise my basic attitude as a consultant. I support people and groups in their self-regulation, self-efficacy and the ability to connect with themselves and others. I am happy to accompany people in making their first experiences with meditation, in developing them further and in growing spiritually.

My consulting work is based on my many years of experience as a meditation teacher, alternativ practitioner for psychotherapy and agent in educational dialogue processes of refugee and remembrance work. Many years of training in meditation practice and a one-year Buddhist retreat are the foundation of my work. I draw creative and methodical knowledge from my time as a culture professional. I combine psychological insights with topics suchs as gender, LGBTIQ, equality, interculturality and diversity.