Event tip from rtrb – “Let’s talk about redistribution!”

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Here is information about an exciting event from our network on 06.07. or on 07.07.2022

Grassroots movements and actors who have access to such groups and movements are addressed.

From the announcement:

“In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the wealthiest 10% hold about 60% of wealth, while half of the people have only 5% of wealth or debt overall. We have a distribution problem.

Resource Transformation is a small group of people from this wealthiest 10% and we would like to discuss with you what tasks and roles we can take to work together with grassroots movements for the good life for all.

We are willing to redistribute wealth, but we also know that privilege limits our vision. That’s why we want to work together and partner with grassroots movements.

We invite representatives of progressive grassroots movements to get to know us and to exchange ideas. At this information event we would like to tell you about our approach and make contacts for potential cooperation.

We offer two dates for the meeting to enable as many people as possible to participate. To register: https://rt.windcloud.de/index.php/apps/forms/N4Q2KCs85jDdndsx