Outstanding: Dr. Philine Sandhu


Dr. Philine Sandhu is researching how more diversity can be introduced and maintained in management positions, executive boards and supervisory boards. More diversity promotes better risk management and better ESG performance in companies, she explains in the Berlin University of Science and Law podcast .

Philine Sandhu was recently named one of the leading 100 scientific minds in the Berlin-Brandenburg research region by Tagesspiegel. Congratulations!

In her column in the Handelsblatt, the committed scientist highlights, among other things, what needs to be done to avoid the early departure of female board members. External recruiting and, as a result, women’s initially weak or missing networks is one of the causes. Personnel issues, team and cultural development need sufficient attention so that the board members can work together constructively and sustainably in new constellations.

A digital event on the topic of leadership in times of crisis is scheduled for February 16, 2024.

Philine Sandhu is, among other things, academic director at the HWR Berlin, co-founder of Investors4Diversity and winner of the BAUM Prize 2022. As a consultant, she strengthens the compassorange team.