Recommendations for action: Sustainability as a success factor – WomenEnterprisesFuture


In a conference at the invitation of the bga (Federal Female Founders Agency) in September 2021, almost 400 experts from public and private business and start-up support institutions discussed the importance of the topics sustainability and corporate succession for the improved support of female founders.

The conference was moderated by Linnea Riensberg, compassorange.

One of the clearest trends in business start-ups and succession by women is the great importance of sustainable aspects: environmental and climate protection, orientation towards the common good and social sustainability. In this way, valuable companies can be built and led into the future, jobs can be created and maintained and at the same time opportunities for modernization can be opened up.

The documentation of the conference can be found at . We would particularly like to draw your attention to the recommendations for action developed at the specialist conference: