Gender Diversity


Public universities as well as more and more organizations and companies are intensifying their work with regard to gender diversity. LGBTIQ+ sensitive networks are supported and competencies are built up.

Here is a small selection of helpful questions:

  • Do you already work with the aim of inclusively considering women, LBTQI+ and intersectionality? Do the language and photos you use communicate that consistently? Gender-conscious language is becoming increasingly popular – but what about visual communication? Still cis-binary oriented or already (intersectional) gender diverse?
  • What about the sources used? Does unreflective use possibly lead to the reproduction of gender stereotypes? What could alternative sources look like that break down gender stereotypes, enable sensitization and impart knowledge…?
  • In training/coaching and in workshops, the question is: do your exercises, analyzes and solution approaches sufficiently include gender diversity, or do they still reproduce binary stereotypes? Which concepts or examples are offered for gender-diverse contexts in order to counteract cumulative discrimination or to promote visibility?

Photo by: Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash