Fatuma_Musa_Afrah.pngFatuma Musa Afrah, Schwarmpartnerin aus dem Netzwerk von compassorange berichtet über Ihre Arbeit mit geflüchteten Frauen/Newcomerinnen:

Newcomer women come to Germany with the hope to find a better life and support in communities. That is what I am trying to do with the help of other community members.

Many women are not only running away from war but also from men, oppressions in their home community and cultural oppressions. One woman told me once: 

'I never thought I can work and be independent. My life is good. I don’t want any male dominated world. I like more equal human respect. I respect the man and he respects me. I work and he can work. Good rights’

I will never forget those words. Some women feel like their freedom and life choices are taken away from them and that they have no place as leaders, decision makers or even could be part of community development.

That is why I am currently focusing on women empowerment and community inclusion.

How can we help Newcomer women to be strong, independent and gain control of their life and freedom?

Giving them access to the right information and educating them about their human rights is a key area. Connecting them and networking with other fellow professional women is an important focus, too. 

That is what I am striving for with the projects I am doing:

  • Newcomer Women Empowerment Networking Lunch (NWENL) is organized once a month in Berlin. It is currently not funded and depending on voluntary engagement as well as contributions from the participants. For a better insight, please find the Facebook-Page here.
  • Women Action Space in Eberswalde and Prenzlau (Brandenburg)
  • Newcomer Women’s Cooking Space in Berlin
  • Community United Action: Mobile Community with events in the Berlin-Brandenburg region (see Facebook-Page here)

No integration without action! If you have possibilities to support the NWENL, please feel free to contact me Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.