Diversity has become a major value in many companies and organizations. Some companies demonstrate already a strong expertise others are starting just now. Diversity, however, isn’t self-sustaining: It demands the attention and support of HR-, OD- and line managers and needs precise and realistic objectives. Diversity is often not strongly enough implemented, lacking scale and depths.  Often there is also not enough time and space allowed to talk about success as well as irritations, fears and obstacles. Topics of a learning dialogue could be for example:

  • Overview of the legal situation (in Germany f.e. the anti-discrimination act and possible political regulations, laws but also possibilities for funding)
  • Findings from different academic fields (f.e. research in innovation and organization) to identify potentials like required basic conditions.
  • What can be done to make diversity a present and lively theme that creates benefits for everyone participating in it? How can you initiate sustainable change processes? Which engagements, cultural attitudes, which basic conditions are important?
We help you to get an overview and define possibilities for a focused approach by organizing a learning dialogue for you. We collaborate with experts like academics, management consultants, specialists from human resource development or lawyers who discuss your questions with you. . Together with us, you develop the questions you want to pose and you also choose someone from your business to take part in the ongoing debate.
Output and results of this learning dialogue are an increased information level among respective employees and expertise about existing resources. You will also generate first  ideas on how to handle the topic within the  daily business.