Can we afford morale? And do we want to?
Example for transnational enterprises

Corruption is not depending on the point of view – but it depends on the definition

  • in this respect it is power- and culture-bound. What seems manageable at home grows to a confusing situation on a global economic range. This leads to multiple claims:
  • A survey of the legal situation is necessary;
  • An overview over common business-habits of the country should be at hand
  • Local customs regarding trading, social exchange and present making should be understood to develop for both side acceptable legal forms to maintain the business connection with the partner country
  • Besides, the attention should particularly contemplate the inside of the own business: How are the vertical and horizontal trade-relations? Do implied laws exist?

You may also be affected by these topics and you can also feel the inconsistencies in this complex debate without being able to measure them? We can support you with an autonomous overview by composing individual custom-made learning opportunities. Within the framework of a learning dialogue your questions will be discussed controversially by experts like for example management consultants, academics, lawyers, representatives of the chamber of foreign trade, TI representatives and qualified ambassadors of the particular country. Together with us, you develop the questions you want to pose and you may also choose someone from your company to take part in the debate.
The output of this learning dialogue should be a considerable increase of information of concerned staff, notice of the source of knowledge and also its emphasis in different positions and the contact with diverse experts of the field.