You want to introduce a new topic to your business, department or project? You are planning a symposium? You dislike preconceived opinions? You are aware of the fact that there are always multiple versions of the same story?

We offer you a custom-made multi-stakeholder dialogue including a complete compilation of the most important publications, films, blogs and so on, for every possible theme.

To introduce your selected participants we offer two different ways: We either prepare short and catchy abstracts on the topic that we forward via email before the event takes place.  Another option is to invite the attendees for an upfront conversation with our experts where they can jointly define some key questions that they want to discuss.

In the open format of a faciliatated dialogue key experts and opinion leaders will reconsider “Your new topic” on the basis of key questions chosen by you or your employees.

After two hours you will have an overview of all the important positions, the current state of the debate and you will also know all the respective experts personally. We are happy to customize a topic for you.

Possible topics for your learning dialogue could be:

Com­pliance  - Can we afford morale? And do we want to?

Corruption is not a matter of opinion - but rather a matter of definition and consequently depending on culture. What seems manageable in your country becomes a confusing situation in a global economic context.

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Marketing potential of new social networks & the web 2.0

How can marketing leverage web-based information dissemination and the invitation “to share” and “to connect” virtually?

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Diversity – a win win for the business?

Diversity has become a major value in many companies and organizations. Some companies have already many years of experiences, others are starting just now. Diversity, however,  isn’t self-sustaining: It demands the support of HR and Organizational approaches and needs precise and realistic objectives. Diversity is often not consequently enough implemented, lacking scale and depths.  Often there is also not enough time and space allowed to talk about success as well as irritations, fears and obstacles.

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