Join our Learning Journey if you want to bring personnel and organsiational change. We offer Learning Journey as a tailor-made method to develop your personnel- and organisational development. We analyze your specific challenges, issues and concerns to fit in your further development of your business, organisation or team as part of our unique approach. We are cooperating with interesting partners from other areas of practice. Additionally, we search for suitable locations to enhance your individual and organisational perspectives in order to broaden your horizon.

We promote synergies through consistent conceptual linkages of human resources and organizational development, technical expertise and a strong dialogue-, process- and result orientation. This is part of our identity to work interdisciplinary and culturally sensitive. Thereby we act as solo facilitator and as a team in different roles:

as coaches


  • work with individuals and teams
  • look at the development of given potentials while focusing on both, personal development goals and the entire organisational development
  • support change processes within professional carriers and the specific design of transitions that is needed therefore
  • qualify you and /or your staff in order to become "change agents" for the process of change that you want to bring into the world
  • We are specialists in promoting key competencies for intra- and entrepreneurial spirit, cultural- and gender sensitivity as well as sustainable management culture.

as consultants


  • analyze your development needs as an organization or teamgive advice to build your organization and company as a "learning community"
  • support you in updating your strategy through trainings of change agents
  • foster the development of organisational culture based on sustainability, quality, helpful attitudes and perspectives with a strong focus on social values as core elements of your corporate identity
  • help you to create a contemporary and value-oriented concept of human resources and arrange tailor made personal and professional trainingsdesign development processes as a Learning Journey with a thematic focus


as facilitators


  • facilitate your processes of dialogues, meetings and retreats
  • host large group events, multi-stakeholder dialogues, future workshops, Whole Scale, Open Space, World Café etc.
  • We conduct panel discussions and technical dialogues within the range of our professional expertise.

as lecturers

We give lectures to promote dialogues about important questions, such as...

  • Manage stress and prevent burnout - Key competences for sustainable management in stressful work-environments
  • New approaches to paradise? Cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication as keys to successful meetings at home and abroad
  • Subversive strategies for personnel development – How to change case-hardened organisations?
  • About the need for inner freedom and performance within (innovation-) development processes
  • Mixed Leadership, Gender und Diversity in teams and leadership

Which of these issues shall be discussed during our next "swarm-evening"? Please let us know what topic you are currently most interested in!


as promoters

We are committed to promote social learning and social engagement and keep on track with our idea to implement a "swarm academy".

Sometimes it simply takes the right moment and a small stimulus to set people in motion. Sometimes you would even need a whole community to bring real change. At times different milieus, groups and actors have to be involved to change our world and to foster social innovation.
What we see is a lack of opportunities within our society to promote social learning. Therefore, we invite people to take on initiatives and leaderships themselves.

Our „swarm concert” provides a creative and dynamic space for this. Here you can find more information about our previous events...

Our Learning Journeys support the development of your key competencies for a successful, sustainable
and responsible future. You will:

  • Develop your potential

  • Learn how to be convincing as an authentic (leadership) personality

  • Recognize limitations in thought and action. Overcome mental models. Build up your self-reflection and dialogue skills.

  • Learn how to manage paradoxes of everyday life and their risks

  • Awaken a spirit of innovation,

  • enhance your organizational learning culture

The Learning Journey is a series of six workshop modules (stations), which are accompanied by individual and team coaching as well as peer groups.

The workshops are held as 2-3 day sessions in Berlin and the surrounding country-side.

Station 1:
Identifying potential - find the beginning
Location and potential, motivation, questioning patterns, defining development targets


Station 2:
Seeing and Sensing - Field Analysis
sharpen analytical skills to create dialogue, systemic thinking and action

Station 3:
Leadership and Team Development
Identify roles and areas of conflict, develop a self-conception of leadership

Station 4:
Intuition and Management: How is the new coming into the world?
Innovation & Renewal recognize potential, release & Trust as a creative moment

Station 5:

Project development and management of complexity
Strategy development processes, frameworks for learning-organizations to develop, increase flexibility & efficiency

Station 6:
Arrival and departure
Presentation & evaluation of your learning, networking, future learning aims


We develop custom-made multi-stakeholder dialogues for you

compassfarbeYou want to intro­duce a new topic to your busi­ness, depart­ment or pro­ject? You are plan­ning a sym­po­sium? You dis­like pre­con­ceived opi­nions? You are aware of the fact that there are always mul­tiple ver­sions of the same story?
We offer you a custom-made multi-sta­ke­holder dia­logue inclu­ding a com­plete com­pi­la­tion of the most important publi­ca­tions, films, blogs and so on, for every pos­sible theme. 

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion on our offer 'Lear­ning Dia­logue' can be found here.