My passion is to counsel individuals, couples, and teams in their change and growth processes to reach their full potential.  The basis of my work is constituted by my beliefs that everybody is equipped with multiple resources to achieve self-defined, realistic objectives. Personal abilities, creativity, experimental competence such as an orientation on invisible values and spirituality are key elements of my approach.

As a coach, a systemic organizational consultant and anthropologist (M.A.) I look at change processes from a solution-focused, resource-orientated and holistic perspective.

Especially in working with groups or teams, methods like Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI), Systemic Constellations and Transactional Analysis support and complement my counseling.

Several years of experience in systemic counseling and training in an international development cooperation setting in Cambodia expanded my abilities in comprehensive ways: I have widened my skills in intercultural project-management, organizational development as well as conflict management. I have learned very much about dealing with traumata, poverty, violence, illness and humility.

My enhanced work experience in political contexts (German Parliament) and as a project manager in non-profit organizations, companies, museums, public relations- and event agencies enable me to successfully assist clients in various areas such as agenda-setting, project management and theme-marketing.

As a coach I empower individuals with leadership responsibilities in national and international contexts to fruitfully achieve professional and personal targets.

Additional certificates:

Persönlichkeitsentwicklung - Ich-Entwicklungs-ProfilPersonality Development – Ego-Development-ProfileWingwave Coaching short-term coachingDGM