In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wolf­gang Stark (Essen/UniActiv) and Dr. Wolfgang Looss (Darmstadt) Carolin Gebel and Dr. Claudia Neusüß launched our prototype "Learning Journey" to promote key competences for social entrepreneurship in 2007/2008. This innovative approach was awarded “best practice” in February 2008 by the Federal German Employer Association (BDA) and the Stifterverband (business community's innovation agency for the German science system).

Since then, the concept “Learning Journey” has been matured and adopted to become an in-house training by Carolin Gebel and has been successfully proofed in various organisations.  

Dr. Claudia Neusüß conducted “Learning Journeys” at the University of Girne /Cyprus and at the Technische Universität/Berlin (TU) in 2011. Therefore, she received the prize "best teaching" for the seminar "development of key competencies for young professionals and managers at the Department VII, TU in Berlin.