We are compassorange: An agency for personal and organisational development

Our passion is to unfold potential. We support people and organisations to develop key competencies in order to create a professional and sustainable future. Our work experience is varied. Our expertise is recognized as best practice.

Our team is closely cooperating within a network of experts – our «swarm». We are inspired by the self-organization of swarms in nature: their collective intelligence and dynamism. Our network works with the same professional obligations.

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    Carolin Gebel
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    Claudia Neusüß
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    Bastian Bretthauer
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    Regine Schönenberg

Our compassorange office managers, Süreyya Beceren and Katrin Unger, are happy to support your requests. Please feel free to contact them under +49 (0) 30 30 87 55 48

Kam_Titel_Compass_OrangeNew forms of communication and of learning require new ways of documentation and communication. Our experienced film team, Anna-Maria Hora and Markus Adria, are happy to support visualization ideas that are connected to your learning processes, your meetings and conferences.
In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wolf­gang Stark (Essen/UniActiv) and Dr. Wolfgang Looss (Darmstadt) Carolin Gebel and Dr. Claudia Neusüß launched our prototype "Learning Journey" to promote key competences for social entrepreneurship in 2007/2008. This innovative approach was awarded “best practice” in February 2008 by the Federal German Employer Association (BDA) and the Stifterverband (business community's innovation agency for the German science system).

Since then, the concept “Learning Journey” has been matured and adopted to become an in-house training by Carolin Gebel and has been successfully proofed in various organisations.  

Dr. Claudia Neusüß conducted “Learning Journeys” at the University of Girne /Cyprus and at the Technische Universität/Berlin (TU) in 2011. Therefore, she received the prize "best teaching" for the seminar "development of key competencies for young professionals and managers at the Department VII, TU in Berlin.

As consultants and coaches we are working for clients from the following areas

  • Nationally and internationally active companies, groups, organizations or family businesses (service or producing)

  • National and international civic education institutions (Universitys, Institute of Education, Foundation, Academy, Ministry, EU, the German Bundestag, UN agencies)

  • National and International special interest groups, oriented on social and environmental values-interests (partys, trade unions, (welfare) organizations, NGOs)

We gladly will arrange a direct contact to our reference customers on request.

It is our passion to strenghten the „inner compass“ of people, organisations and institutions. Unconscious dimensions have to be taken into account during this process. An example is the significance we unconsciously assign to colours. Each one of us associates the colour orange with a specific and very distinct meaning. Which connotations come to your mind...?