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Trust is a cornerstone for the functionality and success of organizations. Where teamwork and synergy are essential for innovation and problem solving, trust promotes smoother interactions and more effective communication . In an atmosphere of mutual trust, ideas are shared, problems are addressed at an early stage, calculated risks are taken more courageously, opportunity structures are recognized and common goals are worked towards. In complex contexts and when information is overloaded, trust serves as a guide amidst the omnipresent noise. Trust not only binds employees and attracts customers, clients and stakeholders, but also promotes long-term relationships based on mutual respect and loyalty.

However, trust is vulnerable to disruption. Lack of transparency, misconduct or negligence undermine trust internally and can also damage an organization’s reputation with customers. It is therefore important to continually promote and maintain trust.

What values/values ​​underlie the relationships that influence mutual trust in the working relationship? Are different team competencies well incorporated and coordinated, are they confirmed (motivational component), does the work context give a feeling of coherence (clarity, feasibility and meaning) and is delegation to where competence and resources are available?

Other currencies of trust include: showing respect, listening, taking responsibility, admitting and correcting mistakes, and tolerating ambiguity. This may also include rethinking the quality of processes and adapting them if necessary.

In cases where trust has been compromised, restoring trust requires sincere effort, a real commitment to change, and above all, new action.

Since it takes significantly more activities to restore lost trust , it is always worthwhile to take proactive trust-building measures . And: trust thrives on reciprocity.

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