Dr. Paul Woebkenberg

My core concern in organizational consulting is to align myself more strongly with natural tendencies and work preferences. This includes inviting people to trust in the success of a job they enjoy doing. In today’s organizations, this is often impossible or severely restricted. The core element of the systemic approach is to question the restrictions and specifications in organizations that are taken for granted and to stimulate thinking about the “best possible” state. It gives me great pleasure to use creative and provocative work to get people to rethink their situation and actions as individuals, teams or companies in a given environment and to derive changes from this. As a physicist with a doctorate, I directed my research spirit early on to the causes of conflicts and frustrations in the corporate context and switched to management consulting in 2014. Initially as a strategy and management consultant in Kenya and New Zealand. Today, as a consultant for compassorange, my focus is on systemic organizational consulting (training at Simon-Weber & Friends) and sustainable business (training as a permaculture designer). “The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them” – Paul Hawken

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