Martin A. Ciesielski

Martin A. Ciesielski has been an author, consultant, trainer and business fool® in the field of media systems and communication cultures, digital leadership and humorous employee development since 2004.

He built up the qualification area of the start-up consultancy profound at the Freie Universität Berlin and worked independently for several years at various IT and management consultancies.

He holds a degree in banking management (BA) from the Berufsakademie Berlin and a master’s degree in journalism/communication sciences, media psychology and business administration from the Freie Universität Berlin. Also at the Free University, he completed a qualification as a certified behavior and communication trainer (ABF eV) at the Institute for Organizational Psychology.

As part of his almost 15 years of stage experience as an improvisational theater player, he took part in various national and international workshops and qualification series. He developed his own improvisation training courses and accompanied train-the-trainer measures within the framework of the Academy for Applied Improvisation Berlin. He himself researches and publishes in the field of “social technologies” on topics such as money, digital media and leadership as well as applied improvisation, games and the extensive topic of “nothing”.

Martin A. Ciesielski sees himself and his work through the eyes of a Business Jester®. With a sense of humour, he addresses the issues that are in trouble in the organisations. He is interested in the topics that are noticed by everyone but are often not addressed or really tackled. These include questions of business ethics, questions of digital transformation and the necessary conditions for a sustainable start-up culture in Germany and worldwide.

Lecture topics, i.e.

Digital leadership is different. Why the digital transformation needs new management techniques.

What influence does the digital revolution have on leadership? With the concept of “digital leadership”, Martin A. Ciesielski not only offers exciting access to the challenges for managers in the digital age, but also shows an approach for iterative ensemble building instead of classic team development, for example using “social prototyping”. In this lecture, Martin A. Ciesielski offers knowledge about digital management strategies, generational and value-related differences in dealing with ICT technologies. And the active design of hybrid work cultures with the help of well-founded media competence in order to understand and actively shape the digital transformation as a “human transformation”.

Where’s the punchline? Humorous leadership in difficult times

Humour helps to stay creative and solution-oriented – even under the most difficult circumstances. Ob man es glaubt oder nicht – die interessantesten Untersuchungen dazu kann man immer noch in der Philosophie finden (kein Witz!).

In this lecture, Martin A. Ciesielski gives you suggestions for cultivating your own personal style of humour and for finding new approaches to what you can achieve with humor as a manager. It’s about laughing at yourself, about serenity and laughing with others about the things that sometimes make life difficult and sometimes even worth living in the first place. The participants receive a short introduction to the philosophical and entrepreneurial knowledge potential of humor and learn entertaining insights from psychology and impromptu theater.

Economic life can sometimes be better understood as a joke in all its absurdity…

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