Sustainable business needs innovators – Dr. Philine Sandhu


The network for sustainable management (B.A.U.M.) has awarded this year’s sustainability prize. Since 1993, the award has been given to people who are responsible for and operationalize environmental and sustainability management and who set innovations in motion to do so.

Philine Sandhu received this year’s B.A.U.M. prize in the science category. She heads the continuing education program “Strategic Competence for Women on Supervisory Boards” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. One of her core themes is the connection between diversity and sustainability: She wants to “initiate personal and social transformation processes, away from an ego-centric towards an eco-centric society in which the common good and cooperation are important”.

dr Sandhu works on diversity and sustainability from a variety of perspectives: diversity in management positions, diversity and good governance, the importance of diversity in capital market companies, the design of transformation processes, with a focus on the management floors of the German economy. Because more equality in the financial sector leads to better risk management and higher ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance. Philine Sandhu gives impulses to associations/politics/economy in order to shape profitable changes there. With colleagues, she has developed a handout for asset managers so that they can better use their leverage for more diversity in German management floors, for example by sharpening investment guidelines and investor dialogues.

Again, congratulations to a wonderful innovator. We are pleased to have her and her diverse expertise in the compassorange consulting team.

Philine Sandhu award winners video

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