Sustainability in the supervisory board

Alumnae HWR with (c)

On June 24, 20022, the 3rd alumnae conference of the supervisory board program at the School of Economics and Law (HWR) took place under the academic direction of Dr. Philine Sandhu (3rd from left, standing), HWR and consultant at compassorange. dr Claudia Neusüß (bottom left), compassorange is the head coach in the program.

The meeting took place in the beautiful premises of the dan pearlman Group. Nicole Srock Stanley, CEO hosted the wonderful event as an alumnae of the program. Many thanks for that!!

The alumnae discussed the perspectives of sustainability relevant to their positions with Nadine-Lan Hönighaus, Managing Director of econsense – Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business eV: What role does sustainability play in your own management role/in your own mandate, what sustainability issues are there in a professional context ? What skills are needed for this, and how do I win other people over to the cause?