Postmigrant Powerhouse – Diversifying Democracy


We congratulate! compassorange consultant Julia Sujin Noël (JSN) received a Landecker Democracy Fellowship for the Postmigrant Powerhouse concept and is supported in the implementation by Humanity in Action.

Whether in politics and administration, in positions of economic power or other positions with social influence: in the existing structures in Germany there is a glaring lack of Black people, People of Color and representatives of other social groups who do not belong to the white dominant society.

The Postmigrant Powerhouse project aims to connect people from these groups and build democratic power together. Using community organizing methods and digital tools, the project brings people from different contexts and backgrounds together.

Many established political institutions, think tanks and citizen participation initiatives often use the “other” narrative for underrepresented groups of people. The participants in the Postmigrant Powerhouse , on the other hand, develop their own narrative for an otherwise incomplete democracy. Here, the experience, resources and potential of people with diverse histories are valued. For example dealing with impermanence, uncertainty and complexity, living with different languages, life plans and perspectives, or solidarity and community as the basis of communities.

The concept of organizing and relationship-oriented leadership is based on values that are rooted in many communities: It therefore makes sense to use these methods to empower yourself democratically and shape the future.

In digital house meetings, topics are identified that are burning under the nails of the various communities. Participants who want to get involved in a specific topic take part in online workshops in which they learn the basics of community organizing. This also includes the method of public narratives: telling your own story in order to strengthen community and bring about positive change together.

If you would like to find out more or find elements of the methodological approaches exciting for development or participation projects with a focus on diversity in your organization, please contact Julia Sujin Noël .


Photo by Nicolas Lobos on unsplash