In Conversation with Lia Lang: Science, Body & a Yoga Nudge

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Two years ago, compassorange adopted the motto “self-care and rebellion”. We support people in finding a good balance between change agency and self-care. Sensing accuracy, embodiment, energy work and resilience are important skills and areas of perception in our personnel development and qualification.

Lia Lang is a Career Counselor, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, and Yoga Instructor. She has been with compassorange for many years in the swarm network, as a junior consultant and coach. We asked them:

What connects you to compassorange?

I started as a student at compassorange more than 10 years ago and have been enjoying the swarm network ever since. After my studies, I supported workshops on diversity as a junior consultant.

I really appreciate how expertise and creativity go together at compassorange, how bridges are repeatedly built between cultures, specialist disciplines and generations in order to boldly break new ground and accompany sustainable change processes.

You are a career counselor and diversity & inclusion consultant in science and a yoga teacher.

How does that go together?

In career counseling for scientists, I accompany change and decision-making processes and advise on career paths. Diversity work is closely linked to organizational change. At its core, every change starts with ourselves. If we are not with ourselves, we do not know what we need NOW. The body and especially the breath acts as an important carrier of information. At the same time, every experience we have through involving the body is more sustainable. We just remember it better and longer.

This is how yoga influences my workshops and teaching. The body is consciously and systematically integrated into the learning process: This begins with regular breaks, eye exercises during zoom times, walk & talks in coaching and shoulder-neck yoga quickies after the lunch break in the workshop. In yoga classes I integrate scientific studies on positive psychology and resilience. In the current, challenging time, the different approaches give me joy, strength and confidence.

Lia Lang: now it’s your turn….

You are invited to pull your shoulders up to your ears with the next inhalation.

Exhale and let your shoulders drop. Repeat this 3x and trace for a moment.


Would you like to try yoga with Lia Lang or are you interested in her as a consultant from our crush?

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