Our approch makes a difference. We encourage people to gain confidence in their abilities. We´ll give you the strength to deal with the risk of failure and to follow your "inner compass". compassorange releases energy and support to reveal perspectives and possibilities. Come with us on an expedition.

Travel is our synonym for learning. Therefore our workshops are designed as learning journeys.

Dealing with change, complexity and the unexpected will be one of your future key skills. Therefore we do not teach solutions, but give support to go on a live-long learning journey for developing potential. Solutions will appear if you become active and submit to the process of learning and reflection. Key competencies like social and communicative competence as well as an unprejudiced approach will help you to succeed and stay „en route“. Leadership and the ability to efficiently work in teams will make your business sustainable, flexible and successful.

Our methods are inspired by systemic theories (Senge / Scharmer / Suttcliff), Gestalt psychology (Goodman / Perl), and group dynamics (Gibb) theories and models, as well as the dialogue approach (Bohm / Issacs) and biography work.

Our workshops are individually designed to the purpose. It varies from classic presentation formats to dialogue methods and large-group formats (Open Space, Zukunftswerkstatt, World Café, Whole Scale Appreciative Inquiry).

Come on a Learning Journey with us.