#Equality Now!

23_08_03 DGB_Gleichstellung_jetzt

On July 1, 2023, Martha Büllesbach, Head of the Women’s and Equal Opportunities Policy/Organization Department of the DGB district of Bavaria, and Lida Andric-Geuder from her team invited trade unionists from DGB district and city associations to a summer retreat.

Goal of the retreat: Strengthen the participation of women on a full-time and voluntary level, explore challenges and structural hurdles.

Other topics for exchange : empowerment, equality, solidarity, competence, toxic masculinity and networks. As a matter of what should be strengthened in politics, parity, proximity to citizens and a feminist domestic policy were demanded.

dr Verena Di Pasquale, Deputy DGB Chairwoman in Bavaria, started with a political contextualisation, supplemented by highlights from eight trade unions.

The workshop was designed and moderated by Dr. Claudia Neusüß, managing director and consultant of compasssporange, who also provided a keynote speech on the subject of empowerment. In her presentation, she explored the topics: How can women be strengthened in trade union work, expand their self-care and sources of strength, and create networks and power bases in order to become more influential?

Photo credits: @DGB Bavaria