Diversity-oriented and discrimination-critical recruitment


Anyone who wants to attract and retain PoCs as employees must deal with racism as a system, because racism from society has an impact on organizations. As a starting point, compassorange consultant Judy Gummich therefore recommends that organizations do not ask “are we racist?”, but “which racist structures are at work in our organization”? Unconscious bias works on an interpersonal level and is expressed, for example, in reservations about language and language skills, in the psychological-cognitive handling of photos and names of applicants, or in so-called statistical discrimination based on sociographic characteristics with the assumption of productivity differences. Vague job profiles, company descriptions, unclear evaluation criteria and non-transparent decision-making processes create structural barriers.

Application procedures are to be examined in detail for racist and discriminatory effects. “We need PoC’s” is not enough. There are diversity-oriented and non-discriminatory options for action for all steps of the application process, onboarding and employee retention. How is the position intended and by whom, where, in which networks and how do we search, who will (not) find out about vacancies in the end, and who is (not) applying and why. Do PoC employees help shape the application cycle, is it explicitly communicated which applicant is wanted, are diversity skills or experience expertise part of the evaluation criteria and also present in the selection committee? What prospects does the company offer PoCs? Are there strategies to avoid, for example, othering, microaggression and minority stress?

Awareness of and attitude towards racism, putting human rights before profiling and image, and thinking about one’s own privileges promote fair and open recruitment processes.

Judy Gummich gives many concrete suggestions in an online seminar on the subject designed for the Association for Development and Humanitarian Aid (VENRO). Here as a summary.