compassorange-academia: Strengthen your influence – become a “Scifluencer”?


Digital self and theme marketing and career development

In an international comparison, academics in Germany still make little active use of digital platforms and digital formats. Self-marketing on digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing and others can be set up quite quickly and offers multifunctional technical options that can promote awareness, recognition and careers. Reach for goals and messages can be generated, scientific communication can be promoted, speed in information access can be generated, and networks and cooperation can be established.

But sometimes the inhibition threshold to start seems high. There is a lack of knowledge, inspiration, resources, sense or courage for coherent content and suitable formats, or women in particular are concerned about reactions such as hate speech or cyber bullying on the Internet . How to deal with worries and fears? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different (media) formats?

Gender gaps can also be identified in this field of media platform use.

In any case, conscious reflection is worthwhile. What do I want to bring into the world, how do I want to change society? How do I want to show myself (and deliberately not), how do I position myself? What values drive me? Where is potential to strengthen future issues, to practice solidarity and to reduce social inequality? What are the specific steps to well thought-out and successful digital self- and topic marketing and digital (scientific) communication? Where are individually coherent places and what do I leave behind?

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