On the 31st of March, we celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility. Even though there has been some progress in and around the trans+ community, there is still too much hostility, and discrimination faced by trans+people. The laws in place currently do not sufficiently protect the trans+ community from gender-specific discriminations and threats, ranging from discrimination at the workplace, at the supermarket and even when trying to find a home. In order to shed light on these inequalities and celebrate the trans+ community, this day today, is supposed to raise awareness on what can still be done to improve and support trans+ community. In light of this, we asked transgender persons in our network: what is needed? The answer was as clear as it was powerful! 
  • needed: a self-determined transgender law
  • and: fighting and activities against pathologization, discrimination and violence against the trans+ community 
Legal recognition of the trans+ community has more than just symbolic meaning - it is a crucial building block in fighting for democracy and against the continous discrimination and violence experienced by trans+ people on a daily basis. 
Check out Paula Stone’s TedTalk on transitioning for an insightful and light-hearted, yet inspiring personal story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrYx7HaUlMY
For more information on the trans+community in Germany, click the following link to a german factsheet provided by the ‚Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes‘ (Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency): https://www.antidiskriminierungsstelle.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/publikationen/Factsheets/factsheet_benachteiligung_transpersonen.pdf;jsessionid=3C93F134C6B4CB94838B1A3F3CEFE0C9.1_cid351?__blob=publicationFile&v=7